Handbook Support for the production of audiovisual works

Den här handboken är en vägledning för er som planerar och genomför projekt som Europeiska regionala utvecklingsfonden (Regionalfonden) eller Fonden för en rättvis omställning delfinansierar. Handboken gäller för programperioden 2021-2027.

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  • How it works

    Support for the production of audiovisual works is intended for companies that want to produce a film or television series in Sweden. The support can be used for feature films, documentary films, drama series or documentary series, regardless of the technology used to bring them to the screen.

  • Requirements, conditions and governing documents

    What requirements and governing documents apply when submitting an application for support for audiovisual works?

  • Apply

    Calls for funding are announced twice a year for an annual total of 100 million Swedish kronor. You can only apply for funding from the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth when there is an open call.

  • Application form and templates

    Here you can read about the application form and find the templates you need to apply for support and payment. 

  • Apply for payment and report

    Here, you can learn about the questions we ask when you apply for payment, as well as the documentation you need to prepare to attach to your application.

  • General terms and conditions for support for the production of audiovisual works

    The terms and conditions shall apply unless otherwise stated in the Ordinance (2022:1386) on state aid for the production of audiovisual works, or the call for proposals. The terms and conditions apply to support granted during 2024. In the event of a conflict between the Swedish version of the terms and conditions and this English version, the Swedish version shall take precedence.