Sweden Food Arena

Sweden Food Arena is a national arena where stakeholders within the food industry cooperate for an innovative, sustainable and competitive food sector. Together we are creating a world-class food chain.

The arena is the result of the Government’s food strategy, whose aim is to increase production, contribute to a competitive food chain, as well as increase employment, exports, innovation and profitability, while achieving the relevant environmental goals.

What do we do?

Stakeholders within the food industry are cooperating around research and innovation, for an innovative, sustainable, competitive and growing food sector.

Why does the Sweden Food Arena exist?

There is great potential for the food sector in Sweden. The food sector is Sweden’s fourth largest industrial sector; however, increased cooperation between its stakeholders is needed. By establishing an arena in which areas such as research, development and innovation can be managed and strengthened by the industry, we are creating the conditions for a world-class Swedish food sector.

What do we want?

  • for Sweden’s food industry to become a central Swedish industry by 2030
  • for an increase in the growth of the food sector
  • for research and innovation within the food sector to be on the same level as other sectors
  • to show that the food industry is prepared to invest in Sweden – with support from institutes, universities, colleges and more offensive and focused government initiatives, concerning knowledge and innovation within the food industry.

Who are we?

Today, Sweden Food Arena has around 60 signed partners throughout the food chain, from production to retail. We would like to sign more partners, therefore we welcome new stakeholders.

What will we do?

  • Jointly formulate the need for research and innovation
  • Work towards better cooperation within the food chain, as well as industry, institutes, academia and the public and food chain
  • Work towards better cooperation between industry, institutes, academia and the public
  • Get more stakeholders interested in joining the arena.

Within which areas is there a need for research and innovation?

The arena has begun by identifying three areas where there is a need for research and innovation. These are:

  1. Health and taste
  2. Circular food
  3. Digitalisation and automation

Each area is currently working to define the area, in order to secure a desired location 2025-2030 and an action plan, along with possible actions and initiatives. The areas’ contents were presented in May 2018. It may be relevant to begin working with more areas in the future.

What role does the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth have within the arena?

Our mission is to muster a world-class arena for a world-class food sector. The Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth has been commissioned to support the establishment of the arena, with the mission being finalised on 30 June 2018. Launch of the venue took place in late May 2018.

During autumn 2018, work on establishing the arena will continue with the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth. From January 2019, Sweden Food Arena shall be entirely owned by the industry.


Marie Gyllenberg, Project manager
Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth