Reconciliation Statements

You are obligated to submit a Reconciliation Statement covering short-time work in 2021. After doing so, you will also be able to apply for additional financial support for March to June if you have not previously applied for financial support for those months. If the reconciliation statement is not submitted on time, you as the employer have an obligation to pay back the previously granted preliminary financial support.

  • The reconciliation takes place between 1-28 July. First, your application must have been approved before you will be able to file a reconciliation statement. If you are entitled to financial support but your application has not been approved before 1 July, your reconciliation will be postponed. Once your application is approved, you will have four weeks from the date of the decision to submit your reconciliation statement.
  • In the reconciliation statement, you will need to compile the outcome of the short-time work for the financial support period. The reconciliation may result in you being able to request additional disbursement of financial support or that you become obligated to return any excess financial support that was paid out to you. In the event the financial support disbursed is greater than what you are entitled to, this amount will be deducted from any future payment of additional financial support applied for.
  • If you want to apply for continuing financial support for the month of June, you should do so in connection with the reconciliation. Thus you do not need to submit a new, separate application. If you have not previously applied for the months March-May, it is possible for you to do so in the reconciliation statement. Please note that you cannot move your starting date (the first date for financial support for any employee you applied for) forward.
  • You will receive an e-mail message from us with a link to the service where you submit the reconciliation statement and can apply for any additional financial support. If the e-mail hasn’t arrived, check your spam You can always go directly into My Application and file the reconciliation statement there.
  • Don’t rush it when preparing your reconciliation statement; there is a lot of information that needs to be submitted and it is very important that all the information is accurate.
  • Note that you are required to submit the reconciliation statement by its due date. If the reconciliation statement is submitted late, the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth will make a decision about repayment. In such case, the employer may be liable for the repayment of the full amount. You will receive information on how you repay the money after you have received your decision.
  • If you are not able to submit the reconciliation statement on time, you can apply for additional time.
  • If in connection with the application you also applied for reimbursement for financial support for skills enhancement initiatives, you must reconcile the outcome in the reconciliation statement. You can then make adjustments to the information that you previously provided. If you have not applied for skills enhancement initiatives previously, you can do so in the reconciliation statement and will at the same time need to tally up the skills enhancement efforts that have been implemented.