In Stockholm we are funding eight projects which focuses on businesses among newly arrived immigrants and six projects which focuses on business ownership among foreign-born women.

Projects for business ownership among newly arrived immigrants

Care of Business

What? Information and education initiatives regarding business ownership, individual guidance and a mentorship programme combined with funding solutions. An accelerator combined with an investment programme for entrepreneurs. The project connects participants with investors in the project principal’s network.
Project principal: Impact Invest Scandinavia AB
Project is running in: Stockholm
Project period: 07/08/2017 – 30/08/2019
Contact person: Ruth Brännvall, Impact Invest Scandinavia AB
Learn more: careofbusiness.org

Business accelerator for newly arrived entrepreneurs in Stockholm

What? Training in running a business and individual guidance. The project strengthens knowledge on entrepreneurship and provides new networks for newly arrived immigrants who want to start and run a business in Sweden. The project also provides continues support for newcomers who have started companies in the previous fast track project.
Project principal: Almi Företagspartner Stockholm Sörmland
Project is running in: Stockholm
Project period: 03/05/2017 – 31/07/2019
Contact person: Helen Andersson, Almi Företagspartner

Joint fast track for business owners

What? Training in running a business and individual guidance. The project works with a business school in basic Swedish, online advice, individually and in groups, and with digital tools and videos online.
Project principal: Almi Företagspartner AB (parent company)
Project is running in: Throughout Sweden
Project period: 01/10/2017 – 16/12/2019
Contact person: Maroun Aoun, Almi Företagspartner AB
Learn more: almi.se

Method development for successful generational changes

What? Development of a method that facilitates generational change in businesses that are at risk of closing and makes it easier for recently arrived individuals with ability and experience of entrepreneurship to take over these businesses to a greater extent.
Project principal: Nyanlänt Företagande AB
Projektet drivs i: Dalarna, Stockholm, Södermanland och Västmanland
Project period: 21/02/2019–31/12/2019
Contact person: Hans Hallengren, Nyanlänt Företagande AB

Project Ester, Dynamic entrepreneurship among newly arrived women

What? Information and education initiatives regarding business ownership, individual guidance and a mentorship programme combined with funding solutions. An entrepreneurial programme and microfinancing solution aimed at allowing marginalised women to start small-scale companies, avoid dependence on welfare, and achieve sustainable livelihoods. The project offers participants limited financial support during the first six months after registering a company, which supplements the existing start-up grant.
Project principal: Stiftelsen Ester
Project is running in: Stockholm
Project period: 16/06/2017 – 16/12/2019
Contact person: Linn Ney, Stiftelsen Ester
Learn more: stiftelsenester.se

Snabbspår Nyanlänt Företagande 2.0 (Fast Track Newly Arrived Entrepreneur 2.0)

What? Training in running a business as well as individual guidance combined with a mentorship programme. The project provides newly arrived immigrants who want to run their own business with courses, guidance, study visits and meetings with role models.
Project principal: Företagarna/Nyanlänt Företagande AB
Project is running in: Municipalities in Dalarna, Stockholm, Södermanland, and Västmanland
Project period: 31/05/2017 – 31/12/2019
Contact person: Ove Jansson, Företagarna/Nyanlänt Företagande AB
Learn more: nyanlantforetagande.se


What? Online training in running a business as well as individual guidance combined with a mentorship programme. The digital platform allows for participants from anywhere in Sweden.
Project principal: Insamlingsstiftelsen IFS Rådgivningscentrum
Project is running in: Dalarna, Gävleborg, Halland, Stockholm, Södermanland, Värmland, Västra Götaland, and Örebro
Project period: 01/08/2017 – 19/10/2018
Contact person: Amir Almaleh, Insamlingsstiftelsen IFS Rådgivningscentrum
Learn more: yumpzone.com

Underlätta för nyanlända att starta företag i Sverige II (Helping newcomers start a business in Sweden II)

What? Training in running a business as well as individual guidance combined with a mentorship programme. The project gives newly arrived immigrants information about creating and running companies in Sweden and prepares and supports them through individual advice and training in English. The participants receive training and advice based on their own needs.
Project principal: Stiftelsen Svenska Jobs and Society/Nyföretagarcentrum
Project is running in: Gävleborg, Jämtland, Jönköping, Skåne, Stockholm, Södermanland, Västernorrland, Västmanland, Västra Götaland, and Östergötland.
Project period: 01/05/2017 – 16/12/2019
Contact person: Harry Goldman, Nyföretagarcentrum
Learn more: nyföretagarcentrum.com

Projects for entrepreneurship among foreign-born women


What? The project aims to encourage more people to start their own business through mentorship and to increase employment and entrepreneurship among women with non-European backgrounds. The project’s goal is to spread the Bling model from Järva to more locations such as Sollentuna, Hässelby, Vällingby, and the Skärholmen area.
Project principal: BLING, Bringing Locals into Innovation and Growth, partners: local associations and employers
Target group: Foreign-born entrepreneurs, particularly women with non-European backgrounds
Project is running in: Stockholm
Project period: 18/10/2018 – 31/12/2019
Contact person: Deqa Abukar, Bling
Learn more: blingstartup.se

Importhandboken (the Import Handbook)

What? The project is producing an updated version of a digital import handbook (from 2013) which is available online and can be used as a tool to promote entrepreneurship and trade. The import handbook is aimed at persons who:

  • plan to start an import business,
  • plan to start a company where imports are part of the business,
  • want to develop their import operations,
  • have general questions about imports.

The updated import handbook (in Swedish) is now finished. The project will organise eight dissemination seminars regarding the import handbook with local business actors and the actors that cooperate with the Agency for Economic and Regional Growth in order to promote business among immigrants, including newcomers and women born abroad.
Project principal: Make Trade, in cooperation with the Swedish Foreign Trade Association, Care of Business Scandinavia - SIIN AB, Sveriges Industriförening, Hudiksvalls Näringslivs AB, Almi Företagspartner and NFC Service AB in Västra Götaland
Target group: Entrepreneurs born abroad, including newcomers and women born abroad who run their own business.
Project is running in: Stockholm, but more counties will be involved, e.g. Gävleborg and Skåne.
Project period: 03/09/2018 – 31/12/2019
Contact person: Charlotte Kalin, Make Trade
Learn more: maketrade.se

Entrepreneurial support for women of non-European descent (mentorship)

What? The pilot project aims to produce a specialisation within the mentorship programme with women of non-European descent as the target group.
Project principal: Stiftelsen Svenska Jobs and Society/Nyföretagarcentrum
Project is running in: Stockholm (Järva, Huddinge/Botkyrka, Västerort, Haninge/Nynäshamn, Järfälla), Jönköping, and Skåne (Malmö).
Project period: 11/01/2018 – 31/12/2019
Contact person: Elisabet Sannas, Nyföretagarcentrum

Yalla Rinkeby 2.0

What? The Yalla Rinkeby 2.0 project aims to significantly develop existing and new business in a relatively new work integration social enterprise (WISE). It builds on what has previously been established in Rinkeby and on the concept created by Yalla Trappan in Malmö. It involves engaging women with foreign backgrounds, who are currently not in the job market, in development processes with WISE and methods developed within Yalla as a basis.
Project principal: Coompanion Kooperativ Utveckling Stockholms County
Project is running in: Stockholm (Rinkeby and local areas)
Project period: 01/01/2019 – 31/05/2020
Contact person: Maria Aziz, Coompanion

Startup Sustainable Growth

What? This project aims to improve the conditions for the target group to make use of the start-up scene’s offering, and that advising actors and investors in Stockholm see the target group’s potential, by participating in various competence-improving efforts. The project will identify hundreds of companies with potential and offer them programmes that give them the best possible conditions to grow. The programme will lead to companies developing a strategy for growth and getting coaching from participating advice actors for implementation of the strategy.
Project principal: Stockholm Business Region
Target group: The primary target group is foreign-born women who operate businesses that are in an early phase of growth or are deemed to have potential for growth in Stockholm County. In terms of industries, the project will focus on cultural services, business services, retailing, hotels and restaurants, as well as units for health and welfare, but also the companies that have technical solutions in the aforementioned industries. The project will also be open to other industries as the most important assessment that is done in selection will be the business’ potential to grow. The project will go out widely to the above target group to then narrow down and focus on the target group that has an interest of developing their entrepreneurship. The secondary target group in the region is incubators, hubs, co-working sites and the actors that offer business and growth advice, as well as financiers, such as various kinds of private investors that are within the scope of incubators and hubs.
Project is running in: Stockholm
Project period: 01/11/2019–29/10/2021
Contact person: Veronica Eriksson, Stockholm Business Region

Care of Business Woman

What? This structure builds further on experience regarding what entrepreneurs in general, and women entrepreneurs in particular, need to grow, as individuals and as entrepreneurs. The structure builds on three main components:

  1. Individual support to address technical business competence gaps that may exist. This part is formulated for each entrepreneur individually based on a gap analysis that is done at the beginning of the programme. The implementation takes place under the oversight of team coaches, with help from procured independent service-sector companies within for example accounting, marketing and web design, but can also comprise legal advice or the like.
  2. Joint workshops in management, financing and partnerships. These workshops also aim to form “peer-to-peer” groups so that the participants can get to know and support each other.
  3. Personal mentors who follow their novices regularly with the aim of helping identify obstacles to growth beyond the purely technical business ones, and possible ways of addressing them.

Project principal: Impact Invest Scandinavia AB
Target group: Foreign-born women entrepreneurs who have already been up and running for a few years and have the ambition of growing as entrepreneurs. Focus will be on entrepreneurs with backgrounds outside Europe in greater Stockholm.
Project is running in: Stockholm
Project period: 04/11/2019–30/11/2021
Contact person: Lena Åshuvud Eriksson, Impact Invest Scandinavia AB

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