In Skåne we are funding two projects which focuses on business ownership among foreign-born women.

Projects for entrepreneurship among foreign-born women

Entrepreneurial support for women of non-European descent (mentorship)

What? The pilot project aims to produce a specialisation within the mentorship programme with women of non-European descent as the target group.
Project principal: Stiftelsen Svenska Jobs and Society/Nyföretagarcentrum
Project is running in: Stockholm (Järva, Huddinge/Botkyrka, Västerort, Haninge/Nynäshamn, Järfälla), Jönköping, and Skåne (Malmö).
Project period: 11/01/2018 – 31/12/2019
Contact person: Elisabet Sannas, Nyföretagarcentrum

Queen B

What? This project is to lead to increasing growth among established businesses led by foreign-born women in Skåne. This is to be done by devoting extra resources during the project period by focusing on this target group and by developing new methods and approaches to increase the points of contact, the networks and the offers to the target group that are to also live on after the end of the project. The objective of the project is to bring the new knowledge and newly developed methodology into our and our ordinary cooperative partners’ businesses in Skåne, and hopefully also in other parts of Almi in Sweden. The project is a collaborative project between Almi and the knowledge organisation Jämställd Utveckling i Skåne.
Project principal: ALMI Företagspartner Skåne AB and Föreningen Resurscentrum För Kvinnor i Skåne
Target group: Small and medium-sized enterprises in Skåne that have the desire to grow and are operated by foreign-born women. Besides them, there is also the secondary target group, entrepreneur-supporting organisations, such as Almi, Exportcentrum and Scanian cluster organisations and others who can develop their intercultural communication, methods, offers and approaches towards the target group. Another indirect target group is Region Skåne, which will follow the project closely in the form of steering committee members and will learn lessons to enable a better strategic planning for upcoming efforts for the target group.
Project is running in: Skåne
Project period: 01/11/2019–29/10/2021
Contact person: Annette Wendin, ALMI Företagspartner Skåne AB

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