In Gävleborg we are funding one project which focuses on business ownership among foreign-born women.

Projects for entrepreneurship among foreign-born women

Accelerate your business

What? Accelerate your business has the aim of developing companies that are owned and operated by foreign-born women. In addition to the specific target group, this work involves developing the business and commercial development offices, business promotion actors and civil society actors in Region Gävleborg.

The objective of the project is for the companies to become co-creators of today’s products and services in technology and internationalisation on a local, regional, national and international level. The project also wants to contribute to creating a local ecosystem that is characterised by diversity by increasing the competence of the business and commercial development offices and the business promotion actors that are in the region.

The following methods will be used to achieve the objectives where four to five business and commercial development offices and 25 business operators are included:

  • Network - Network with cooperative partners, identify key partners, market to locate businesses.
  • Contact - Establish contact with businesses in cooperation with the local business and commercial development offices. Here, a needs inventory is also done, which becomes the foundation for the business development activities that will be carried out. Examples of activities are courses and workshops.
  • Strategies - Based on the needs of businesses, a business development and event plan is prepared. The project will, among other things, offer a global mentor programme that will work on match-making between companies and business women in other countries.
  • Implementation - Implementation of business development programmes with an emphasis on technology and internationalisation.
  • Growth - Sustainable growth.

Project principal: Hudiksvalls Näringslivs AB
Target group:
Companies that are owned/operated by foreign-born women, the Business and Commercial Development Offices in Region Gävleborg, business-promotion actors and civil society.
Project is running in: Gävleborg
Project period: 01/11/2019–31/10/2021
Contact person:
Mitalee Kotak, Hudiksvalls Näringslivs AB
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