Grafren AB and the circular business model

Grafren AB is commercializing an innovative product – FILTRENE - novel sorbent for removal and recovery of metal ions from the waste and process water. The innovation came from the research at the Linköping University and company was spun-off in 2018.


FILTRENE has the strong circular potential – removing the toxic contaminants from the water, which metal ions are, it provides in fact a valuable resource for other industries, which may use the metals in their processes. This is especially important for the rare and valuable metals, used in high tech electronics or energy storage devices.

Development during the Adopters program and support from the designer

However, the value proposition of FILTRENE was not clear from the very beginning: who may have the specific need, how much FILTRENE satisfy that need and how the product could be introduced to the market. These were the question we were working during C-voucher programme, analysing the value chain, looking for the confirmation from the potential customers, conceptualising the business model and finding the points for market entry.

The future of Grafren

As the result of the work conducted during the programme, Grafren AB has found the segments on the market, which are potential users for the technology, has identified strategical partners for product commercialising and has agreed on the pilot projects with several customers, which realised the potential of FILTRENE technology and its circularity granted gain.