The Loop Factory and the circular business model

LoopTex is a textile fabric broker service that prolongs the life cycle and adds traceability for textile fibres in Europe. LoopTex reveals circular opportunities in the customers business and allows them to make proud sustainable actions for a better future. During the C-voucher Replication Program, The Loop Factory received design and business support to define a Business Case for this circular solution

Development during the Adopters programme

The business case report is guiding us in the day-to-day work for implementing LoopTex through concrete actions to fulfil the goal and desired positioning in the value chain. We now have a better knowledge of the market, the need of system support (platform and marketplace) and the progress needed within the logistics.

Support from the project, the designer and the business mentors.

We got great support from the designers (Designer in Residence) during the project. Especially when it comes to methods and tools to use when moving forward with the plan. Our designers also asked the right kind of questions that made the plan clearer to us. Through the support from the business mentors, we felt that our plan was distinct and that it could be understood by people who were not so familiar with the content.

The future for The Loop Factory in the field of LoopTex

We are now involved in a collaboration project financed by Vinnova. This project will make an in-depth analysis of the market needs and the prerequisites for establishing the collaborative platform and marketplace for industrial textile and waste from fabric production.