Hollbium and the circular business model

Swedes in urban areas want to be more connected to NATURE, and Companies are competing to attract the best employees.

Hollbium Loop is the first hydroponic farm that transforms your walls to farmland. Through our minimalistic design, we have created an automated and yet stylish indoor farm. We believe that the Hollbium Loop improves the quality of your working space through shared contact with plants that you can harvest.

Hollbium, since its foundation in 2019, has always had as a core value the goal to be a sustainable company. We believe that we can help cities to green up their indoors and start to produce their vegetables through Hydroponic technology.

Development during the Adopters program and support from the designer

As a young start-up, though, it took some meetings and research, with the help of C-voucher designers, to understand how to make not only our product but our entire business circular.

We started our circular journey trying to find a way that would make plant scraps a new fertilizer for our hydroponic system. Still, C-voucher helped un on seeing and analyze a broader impact scenario that our product was creating. With the support from the Designer in Residence we defined Hollbiums circular business case which we now can use when presenting our business to investors or customers.

The future of Hollbium

Nowadays, our product is starting production. We are proud calling our self circular and proud to have been on of the companies being selected by C-voucher to receive the support.