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Hollbium Loop

Swedes in urban areas want to be more connected to NATURE, and Companies are competing to attract the best employees. Hollbium Loop is the first hydroponic farm that transforms your walls to farmland.

The Loop Factory

The Loop Factory

The Loop Factory is a textile fabric broker service that prolongs the life cycle and adds traceability for textile fibres in Europe. LoopTex reveals circular opportunities in the customers business.

Erik Khranovskyy, CEO Grafren AB

Erik Khranovskyy, CEO Grafren AB

Grafren and the circular business model

Grafren AB is commercializing an innovative product – FILTRENE - novel sorbent for removal and recovery of metalions from the waste and process water. The innovation came from the research at the Linköping University and company was spun-off in 2018.

FILTRENE has the strong circular potential – removing the toxic contaminants from the water, which metal ions are, it provides in fact a valuable resource for other industries, which may use the metals in their processes. This is especially important for the rare and valuable metals, used in high tech electronics or energy storage devices.

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ImseVimse developed a rental offer of cloth diapers.

The Imse-Vimse story started 30 years ago. Imse-Vimse’s head office is based in the Swedish city of Visby, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and their business is expanding around the world. They provide functional, environmentally friendly and affordable textile products for children and women in over 50 countries.

ImseVimse was selected as one of the companies receiving support from C-vouchers Circularity programme. With the support from C-vouchers’s experts Imse-Vimse develop and refine their circular business idea.

ImseVimse knew that their products have a long lifespan and can be used by more than one child or person. The aim for ImseVimse was to control the product until it no longer can function as the original product. Once the product reaches end of lifetime, ImseVimse wanted to upcycle o downcycle to fully use the material. This led to consequently research the possibilities to take responsibility for the entire lifespan of the products. Therefor Imse-Vimse developed an offer to their customers to rent products instead of buying them.

Watch and listen to ImseVimse´s story about going circular. External link, opens in new window.